Close focus on plants, insects and objects.

Heliconius numata butterfly on flower.Leopard Lacewing butterfly.Meadow Brown Butterfly Maniola jurtina Red Veined Darter Sympetrum fonscolombei Head of Giant Silk Moth on Cacoon.Cottage Garden flowers. Daisy Blue.Hibiscus Pink Flower.Garlic.Giant waterlily leaf Victoria cruziana.Rainbow Trout head.Rainbow Trout Scales.Salmon flies.Salmon Fly Red Conway fountain pen.Parker 61 Gold filled fountain pen. Watermans 1905 USA fountain Pen.Parker Duofold fountain Pen Red Tulip.Cape Lily close up.Robin ChaffinchAvocet  Avocet Curlew Curlew Mandarin duck.Tufted DuckTeal Teal Little Egret Little Egret Swan Lapwing in flight. The Moon.